As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic together as a community, the board of The Woodbridge Club wants to assure its members that we are doing everything possible to make informed decisions for the safety of our members and the future of our club. We continue to meet weekly to discuss state regulations and guidelines affecting our ongoing season. All updates to our members will be listed here as decisions are made. We will continue to diligently implement policies and procedures to protect our membership and community.

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Updated and approved 2021

The rules of the Woodbridge Club are for the protection and safety of members, their children and guests.  The Board of Directors requests that members ensure that their children and guests are aware of the Club Rules and comply with them. 

The Woodbridge Club is not responsible for the general supervision of children.  Members of the Club who observe repairs needed to the facility or other problems should report problems to the Club Director so that the matter can be speedily remedied. The Director shall be empowered to make emergency decisions regarding the safe use of Club facilities. 

Attention to the Woodbridge Club Rules ensures a happy, healthy and safe summer for all Club members and their families.

General Club Rules

1. It is the responsibility of members to ensure their children and guests are aware of and obey all Club rules.  Parents are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children and will be held financially responsible for inappropriate behaviors, damage or vandalism caused by their children and/or their guests, regardless of age. 

2. The Board reserves the right to terminate a family’s membership due to inappropriate and/or destructive behavior from any member of that family or their guests. 

3. The Management may require any member/guest to leave the Club premises if it is believed their behavior is unsafe or impairs the enjoyment of other members/guests. 

4. Children under twelve (12) years old are not permitted to be on Club premises unless accompanied by an adult member or authorized babysitter. 

5. All members shall have emergency notification and liability waiver forms on file at the Club. 

6. Parents must complete an emergency notification form for children ages 12-17 before they can be left at the Club without an adult. These will be kept on file in the Director’s Office. 

7. Food and beverages shall be consumed on designated grass areas only. Adult members, in the picnic area and clubhouse, may, with considerable discretion, use alcoholic beverages. All glass bottles are prohibited on the pool deck.

8. Smoking is only permitted at the front porch of the building where a smoking receptacle is located.

9. The “Tot Lot” is for children 5 years and younger.  No child may be left unsupervised. 

10. Use of skateboards, roller blades, or scooters is strictly prohibited on Woodbridge Club property. 

11. Membership in the club is not transferable. 

12. For security reasons all members, with or without guests, will be required to sign-in upon arrival. 

13. Club rules may be changed as the situation dictates.  All changes will be posted on the Club’s Web page and on the bulletin board. 


1. Family – A family membership shall consist of up to two adults 21 years of age or older and their children, all of whom must reside at the same local address. (As written in Article VIII, Section 1 of the Club By-Laws)

2. Couple – A couple membership shall consist of two adults 21 years of age or older who reside at the same address and have no children living at home.

3. Single – A single membership shall consist of an adult who is 14 years of age or older. 

Members who increase from a single or couple to a couple or family, respectively, must pay the difference in the initiation fee in force at the time of their change in membership.  There will be no refunds in initiation fees for any reason. 

Special memberships: The Board of Directors maintains the ability to authorize  special memberships. Please contact the Club for specifics about these special memberships.

Full Membership Procedures

A $500 non-refundable deposit MUST accompany the application. Each applicant, upon acceptance to the Club, becomes a member of the Corporation with full rights and responsibilities and shall pay to the Corporation a non-refundable initiation fee, according to membership classification. The $500 application fee will be credited towards this amount.  New members will also be required to pay all Club fees for that year.  Please note: if the membership roster is full a waiting list application must be completed and sent to the business office with a $100.00 deposit which shall be credited toward the membership upon acceptance to the Club.

Leave of Absence Policy

Members may apply to the Board of Directors for a Leave of Absence. The request for such a leave shall be submitted to the club in writing no later than March 20thand include a $500.00 fee to sustain the membership. The member will be responsible for any assessment incurred during their leave of absence. No verbal requests accepted. 

When requesting a Leave of Absence, you must notify the business office and be a member in good standing; i.e. your account must have no outstanding balances owed the Corporation. All members with Leave of Absence status have NO club privileges.


Members of the Corporation must notify the Board of Directors in writing of their intention to resign by March 20th. Resignations will be accepted when all financial obligations to the Club are paid. Upon resignation the member relinquishes all rights and privileges extended to members of the Corporation. If you are interested in reactivating your club membership you will be required to pay the initiation fee in addition to the club membership dues.


Membership*                      One-time Initiation Fee

Family            $2,250         $1,500

Single Parent  $1,810         $1,500
Couple            $1,700         $1,100
Single             $1,425         $900

* Membership defined as and includes annual dues, capital assessments, and Connecticut required 10% club dues tax.

  • All monies owed to the Club are payable in full immediately upon receipt of notice unless otherwise directed. 
  • Membership accounts more than 60 days in arrears without prior arrangements may result in suspension of membership privileges.  Members will receive a written notification two weeks prior to the imposition of any suspensions. 
  • No new charges or use of any club facilities will be permitted while membership is under suspension.  Reinstatement requires full payment including a $100.00 reinstatement fee. 
  • Annual membership fees must be paid in full prior to using any club facilities during the summer season. 
  • All bills over 30 days will incur a 1% interest penalty charge accrued monthly on any balances over 30 days. 
  • Requests for review and correction of billing errors must be made to the business manager within 30 days of receipt of invoice. 



A guest is a non-member who uses any facility at the Club including swimming, tennis, picnicking, sunbathing, basketball or other sports games. 

A member must accompany all guests.  It is the responsibility of members to sign-in their guests at the registration desk each time they visit and to make their guests aware of Club rules.  Local guests are limited to 5 visits per year. Members are responsible for their guests’ conduct and payment of the guest fees. 

Family Helper is defined as a live-in nanny, mother’s helper, or baby-sitter who either accompanies the parent and the children to the Club or takes the place of the parent as caretaker of the children while at the club.  This applies to a grandparent who is taking the place of the parent, nanny or baby-sitter.  The name(s) of the family helper must be on file with the Club. The helper shall not use the Club independently of the member and only (1) Family Helper at a time is allowed. Eligibility for this is at the discretion of the management. Fee for the family helper is $250.

No member may bring more than 8 guests at one time without prior arrangements with the management.

Management has the authority to define guest status if there is a question concerning charges. 

Parents of members will be permitted 3 visits per year at no charge. 

Parents of members may attend family picnic area activities after 5:00 PM at no charge. 

                  Guest Fees

Monday - Friday:

Children (16 + under) $5/Visit Adults (17&over) $10/Visit 

Weekends & Holidays:

Children (16 + under) $10/Visit Adults (17&over) $12/Visit 

Non-Local Houseguest $40 per week

Summer Parties

A party constitutes a member (or members) hosting 9 or more guests at a single gathering and must be arranged at least two weeks in advance with the Business Manager or Club Director.

Fees for parties under 20 people are the regular Guest Fees for the day as designated above. There may be additional charges for larger parties based upon the number of people attending and extra staff required. Adult chaperones are also required for larger parties.

All parties will be held outdoors in the pool, picnic, or patio areas. The Banquet Hall and (or) Lounge cannot be utilized during a party (without additional charge). During the summer season banquet hall rentals are only available after 7:00 pm.

For scheduling & pricing of parties, please contact the Business Manager. Reservations will be taken on a first come first serve basis. 


The clubhouse is available to members and non-members on a rental basis for private parties. All membership accounts must be in good standing upon rental reservation. Non- members renting the facilities will be required to pay additional fees and submit a certificate of insurance. Contact the Club Business Manager for details. Members are not permitted to sponsor a non-member club rental. If a member takes a Leave of Absence and decides to rent the club for that same year during their LOA, they will be charged the non-member rental fee.

Pool Rules

The pool and pool areas are available for use by pool members and their guests subject to the following rules, which are for the health, safety and maximum enjoyment of the facilities by all who use them. The Board of Directors has the right to suspend the pool privileges of any adult or child who does not comply with these rules, the Code of Conduct or with the instructions of the Director. The operation of the pool facilities and pool personnel shall be under the complete charge of the Director.  He is empowered to enforce club regulations and any others as may be necessary to increase the safety of all who use the facilities.

  • Swimming is permitted only when the lifeguard is on duty. The instructions and orders of the lifeguards are to be followed immediately and without question. 

  • Parents are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children. If needed the lifeguard has the authority to ask a child to leave the pool for a specific amount of time. Children are expected to obey all pool rules.  Parents will be notified if there are any major discipline problems. 

  • Chairs are on a first come, first serve basis with adults having priority.  Chairs may not be reserved.  Parents should prevent children from climbing or jumping on the chairs. Care should be taken to avoid getting sun tan oils on the chairs. 


  • No food or eating on the pool deck. 

  • The lap-swimming lane is on a first come, first serve basis.  Please double up when needed.  Additional lap lanes will be added at the discretion of the Director. Children must relinquish a lap lane to an adult upon request. 

  • No sitting on, jumping over or otherwise mishandling the lane lines will be permitted. 

  • *Any persons known or suspected of having a communicable disease shall not use the pool. 

  • *All persons shall bathe with warm water and soap before entering the pool. 

  • *Spitting or blowing the nose in the pool is prohibited. 

  • *Running, boisterous or rough play (except supervised water sports) is prohibited. 

  • Only Coast Guard approved inflation devices will be allowed in the big pool. (This means no tubes, floaties, bubbles, etc.)  The use of special equipment, balls or toys shall only be allowed upon special approval of the Director. 

  • Only children who are fully toilet-trained will be allowed in the big pool.  Members may be held financially responsible for required pool closings and cleanups caused by their children. Untrained children using the little pool must wear swim diapers or plastic pants. 

  • Diving is permitted only from areas of the pool 4 ½ feet or deeper. 

  • Starting blocks are to be used for competitive purposes and only by swimmers who have received instruction in their proper use. Starting blocks may not be used during open swim without permission. 

  • There is no lifeguard service at the little pool.  Supervision of all children in this pool is the responsibility of the parents.  Children over 7 years old may not use the little pool. 

  • Any child is eligible to take the Woodbridge Club swimming test administered only by the Director or his designee.  Those children 7-11 who pass the test may swim in the main pool with a parent, babysitter or “designated” adult in the pool area.  All children under the age of 6 who pass the swim test MUST have a parent sitting poolside. An adult must accompany in the water, any child who cannot swim or is wearing a Coast Guard approved flotation device. 

  • Swimming and diving lessons are available and are to be arranged only through the Director or his assistant.  Lessons are not included in membership fees. 

  • Any questions, concerns, complaints and/or suggestions concerning the pool or rules shall be made to the Director or in writing to the Board of Directors.  

*State Health Department Rules and Regulations

Pool Hours

  • The pool will be open from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  When school is not in session the pool hours will be approximately from 9:30 AM to 8 PM. The exact schedule will be announced by May 1. Please refer to our website for hours and information.

  • Pool hours may be extended for special events and/or at the discretion of the Director.  Pre and post season pool hours will depend on the weather, lifeguard availability and other factors. 

  • All members must leave the pool enclosure within 15 minutes after the closing of the pool. Use of any club facilities within the pool enclosure (picnic area, basketball court, playground, etc.) must end at closing time. 

  • The Director may close the pool during periods of bad weather or for other reasons as may be determined by the Director. 

Tennis Rules

  • All general rules regarding members and guests apply on the courts. 

  • The Tennis Committee/Director/Pro reserves the right to suspend or cancel tennis privileges of any person(s) not complying with the tennis rules. 

  • The operation of the tennis courts shall be the responsibility of the Tennis Director. 

  • The Pro is responsible to the Tennis Director and Tennis Chairperson and in turn to the tennis committee. 

  • The rules of the United States Tennis Association shall govern play. 

  • All players must be in proper tennis attire including smooth soled tennis shoes. Wearing of a shirt is obligatory at all times.

Use of Courts

  • Two classes of players are recognized: adults and juniors (17 and under). 

  • Adults will have court preference on weekends and holidays and after 5pm weekdays.  Juniors are not permitted to reserve courts on those days, but may use free courts. 

  • Juniors may sign up for courts at other times. 

  • Individuals are limited to reserve court times-1 hour singles or 2 hours doubles. The only exception are courts 6 and 7 which may be reserved between 5 and 8 PM at 1 hour intervals for either singles or doubles. 

  • “Back to Back” reservations are not permitted. 

  • The names of all people playing must be on the reservation.

  • Court reservations not claimed by 10 minutes after the hour will be cancelled. 

  • All players are requested to sweep and “do the lines” after use and to close the gate upon leaving. 

  • After rain, check with the Pro before using clay courts. 

  • Please hang up brooms, line sweepers and roll-drys. It will preserve the equipment. 

  • Please use trash receptacles placed at each court. 

  • Court reservation privileges may be denied to those members who fail to show up for reserved courts, or fail to cancel at least 1 hour before court time. 

  • All rules pertaining to Club guests apply to tennis guests. The Pro has the authority to register a guest when a member neglects to do so. 


1. Lessons shall be obtained from the Pro or Assistant Pro by appointment. 

2. Only members and paid guests are eligible to receive lessons. 

3. Please speak to your instructor regarding their cancellation policy prior to registering.

Common Sense Rules

  • For safety reasons only players are allowed on courts during play (i.e. no children are allowed within fenced area.)

  • When all courts are in use players are encouraged to play doubles. 

  • Whenever possible, adults playing with inexperienced children or beginners should use courts 4 and 5. 

  • The Tennis Pro will decide about the playability of all the courts during and after wet weather. 

Swimmers Grill

Contact the Club Director if there are issues of concern regarding the cafe.  Children 8 years and under MUST be accompanied by an adult or babysitter to the Club Café.

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